Haflah At-Taudi’ Malhikdua 2016 : Think Globally, Act Locally

Benda,M2net- Haflah At-Taudi’ Malhikdua 2016 launch a unique motto for event this year (6/5). The motto does not refer any word about friendship or dream, but it refer to one of motto Malhikdua, Think Globally, Act Locally.

It’s contrast view when we see the mirror, the motto at the same event at last year is “Too Sweet To Be Forgotten”. The recent motto is describing a vision for Malhikdua especially, and Indonesia’s people at general.  We as Indonesian should have a mindset globally, we should compete in this global era. More ever we entirely face ASEAN or Economic Society that sue us to progress our ability, in economic affair according to this chase.

in nowadays, we are bombarded by western culture that not all from there are having a good value for us as oriental society, espicially Indonesian.

We must have a international m mindset, while defend our local attitude. Malhikdua as a product of assimilation from western aspect (technology, mindset) and oriental aspect (religion, attitude and way of life) most of side that have right to elaborate this two aspect.