MAK’s Graduate Future Prospect ; Map for MAK’s Graduate to Bright Future

Benda, M2net –¬†Come from a critic from K.H Muhlas Hasyim aboot decadency of achievement MAK’s Graduate some teachers of MAK’s hold a seminar that tell about educational condition in some countries (29/7).

Some teachers took a part in this agenda, that are :

  1. Mr. M. Iqbal Abdulghoni as presenter of English Educational Condition.
  2. Mr. Mughnil Labib as presenter of Turkish Educational Conditioan.
  3. Mr. Sutanto as presenter of Egyptian Educatioanal Condition.
  4. Mr. Lutfi Ahsanudin as presenter of Yamani Educatioal Condition.

Mr. Iqbal Abdulghoni not only told the participant about Queen Elisabeth Country’s¬†Educational Condition, but also he told some wise and motivating words from Mr. Muhlas Hasyim. It hoped could increase MAK’s students to enter their gate of succesfull.

Participants show their enthusiastic with asking some question, it forced the master of ceremony refused some qustion because of the limitation of time. The Agenda closed by meet and greet with the presenters.