Khoirum Marzuqoh, Malhikdua Savior in CJEC UPGRIS 2016

M2net, Benda –¬†Khoirum Marzuqoh became hero for Malhikdua in Central Java English Competition held by the University of PGRI Semarang after being the only one who succesfuly catched a trophy for Malhikdua in mentioned contest ( 29/8).

It is her second succed in a same contest (news anchor) while defeat suffering 9 other Malhikdua delegations which competing in news reading itself, essay writting, giving speech and telling story. Before this achievement, this 17 years girl ranked as the third runner up in news reading contest held by a university in Tegal. Her Being the first runner-up in UPGRIS has rescued Malhikdua reputation with going to home with the first runner-up trophy.

“I’m not satisfied, but i think they’ve done the best”, Ms. Evi Widyanigsih (the coach of Malhikdua delegation) comment ¬†after the closing.