MRU, A Manouver To Face The National Examination

Benda, M2Net – Mathematic as one of lesson for National Examination 2017 (UN), makes a preparation by creating a guidance book called MRU(2/9). MRU is abbreviation of “Malhikdua Ready to UN”. It authorized by Malhikdua last grade and guided by Mr Amam Taufik Hidayat as 3rd grade MTK teacher, at the sains class specificly. MRU will be contained of 1st & 2nd grades’s materials that is being reviewed by them as their National Examination preparation. They take an half from a whole hours in a week for reviewing the materials that will be written in MRU. In purpose, it will be given to their younger grade to face National Examination the next year as their orientation for studying.

Mr Amam said that SPM Book for this year has many typing mistakes. So, that’s why he decided to do this, make UN Guidance book by himself which is helped by his students. Simply, it will be briefer and match Mr Amam’s expectation. Even, not only about materials but also the last graders are commanded by him to write some wisewords at the beginning of the book. So that the junior who will receive their book will be motivated and inspirated cause of that wisewords.